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About The Wages of Fear Movie 2024

In the French countryside, four down-on-their-luck men find themselves in a precarious situation when they are hired for a dangerous mission. Tasked with driving trucks laden with highly explosive nitroglycerine through treacherous mountain terrain, they must extinguish an oil well fire to prevent a catastrophic explosion. Led by a crack team, they have only 24 hours to navigate the perilous journey across the desert, facing danger at every turn.

As they embark on this life-threatening mission, tensions rise among the team members as they confront their own fears and the daunting challenges ahead. With the clock ticking, they must summon every ounce of courage and skill to navigate the unforgiving landscape and complete their mission.

The Wages of Fear Movie 2024


  • Sofiane Zermani
  • Alban Lenoir
  • Ana Girardot
  • Birol Tarkan Yıldız
  • Joseph Beddelem
  • Franck Gastambide

Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 4/10 (from 6 users)

Director: Julien Leclercq

Language: French

Runtime: 1 hour 46 minutes

Release Date: March 28, 2024

Country: France

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Views: 35
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