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In “Bodyguard,” Rachel Marron, an Academy Award-nominated actress and music superstar, finds herself in grave danger when she becomes the target of death threats from a relentless stalker. After a bomb detonates in her dressing room, her manager, Bill Devaney, takes swift action by hiring Frank Farmer, a seasoned professional bodyguard with a background in the Secret Service, to protect her.

Reluctantly accepting the assignment, Frank is tasked with safeguarding Rachel around the clock. However, tensions arise as Frank clashes with Rachel’s independent and headstrong personality, viewing her as a pampered diva who fails to grasp the seriousness of the threats against her life.

Starring Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, and Gary Kemp, “Bodyguard” is a gripping action-drama that delves into the complexities of celebrity life, the bonds formed between protector and client, and the relentless pursuit of safety in the face of danger.

The Bodyguard Movie 1992

Genre: Action, Drama, Music

Stars: Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp

Runtime: 129 minutes

The Bodyguard Movie 1992 MP4 Download

Views: 2
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