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Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior Movie 2003


About Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior Movie 2003

In the village of Ban Nong Pradu in rural northeastern Thailand lies an ancient Buddha statue named Ong-Bak. The village falls in despair after thieves from Bangkok decapitate the statue and take the head with them.

Ting, a villager extremely skilled in Muay Thai, volunteers to travel to Bangkok to recover the stolen head of Ong-Bak. His only lead is Don, a drug dealer who attempted to buy an amulet in Nong Pradu one day earlier.

Upon arriving in Bangkok with a bagful of money donated by his village, Ting meets up with his cousin Humlae, who has dyed his hair blond and begun calling himself “George”.

Humlae and his friend Muay Lek are street-bike racing hustlers who make a living out of conning yaba dealers. Reluctant to help Ting, Humlae steals Ting’s money and bets all of it in an underground fighting tournament at a bar on Khaosan Road.

Ting tracks down Humlae and gets his money back after stunning the crowd by knocking out the champion in the ring with one kick. His extraordinary skill grabs the attention of Komtuan, a grey-haired crime lord who uses a wheelchair and needs an electrolarynx to speak.

It is discovered that Don had stolen Ong-Bak’s head to sell to Komtuan, who sees no value in it and orders him to dispose of it.

Movie Details: Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior Movie 2003

Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior Movie 2003
  • Genre: Action
  • Stars: Tony Jaa, Sarunyu Wongkrachang, Sorapong Chatree
  • Runtime: 108mins

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Views: 10
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