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Master Z IP Man Legacy Movie 2018


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After being defeated by Ip Man,[a] Cheung Tin-chi lives a depressed life moonlighting as a mercenary before choosing to leave behind martial arts altogether and instead open a grocery store on the ground floor of his house.

While on a delivery run, he runs into an opium addict named Nana and her friend Julia who are both fleeing from drug dealer Tso Sai Kit. Tin-chi ends up fighting with Kit’s gang and defeats them single-handedly.

The police arrive and arrest everyone. Kit and his gang are released after bribing a corrupt senior police officer, while Nana and Julia are released by name-dropping Julia’s brother, Fu, the owner of Gold Bar, one of the most popular bars on Bar Street.

Tin-chi is eventually released late at night and is unable to take his son to a steakhouse called Petrus for his birthday. Following the incident, Kit decides to seek out Tin-chi, with his whole gang setting fire to Tin-chi’s building.

Tin-chi barely escapes with his son Fung while being pursued by the gang and Sadi, a hired assassin. He is offered shelter at Fu’s home by Julia, and works as a waiter at Gold Bar to pay his rent.

Angered by the injuries to his son, Tin-chi retaliates and sets Kit’s opium den on fire. Kit’s sister, Kwan, the head of a family crime syndicate wishing to transition to legal businesses, prevents Kit from taking revenge and visits Tin-chi at Gold Bar to compensate him for all damages Kit caused and for Tin-chi to drop the matter.

Tin-chi refuses the money, impressing Kwan. At the same time, Tin-chi forges an increasingly close friendship with Fu over their shared pasts in martial arts.

Kit, attempting to escape from the shadow of his sister Kwan, decides to move into heroin dealing. He peddles his drugs on Bar Street for Owen Davidson, the owner of Petrus, who uses the restaurant as a front for his drug business. Tin-chi tips off Kwan about the business, who requests more time to settle the matter with Kit.

After finding Nana in a back alley, Kit and his gang kill her by forcing her to overdose on heroin. Tin-chi and Fu fight their way to the syndicate’s headquarters, where they fight with Kit and Kwan.

Kwan, attempting to placate them, cuts off Kit’s right arm and forces him to reveal where he stores his heroin. Fu exposes the drugs to the media which makes newspaper headlines.

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Master Z IP Man Legacy Movie 2018
  • Genre: Action
  • Stars: Jin Zhang, Dave Bautista, Michelle Yeoh
  • Runtime: 107mins

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