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It Blooms in June Movie 2024 – Nollywood


About It Blooms in June Movie 2024 – Nollywood

“It Blooms in June” tells the poignant story of Lanre Akande, a widower, and his daughter Mira, who have forged a close bond in the wake of their beloved wife and mother’s passing. Their world revolves around each other, cocooned in careful isolation. However, as Mira approaches adulthood, she yearns for more than their sheltered existence can offer. With the allure of a wider world, education, and romance beckoning, Mira’s desires clash with Lanre’s desire to protect her from harm.

It Blooms in June Movie 2024 - Nollywood


  • Type: Movie
  • Release Date: February 2, 2024
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Drama


  1. Susan Pwajok as Mira Akande
  2. Femi Jacobs as Lanre Akande
  3. Kiki Omeili as Joanna Diri
  4. Kem Ajieh-Ikechukwu as Ebisinde Diri

Experience the emotional journey of a father and daughter as they navigate the complexities of grief, love, and the inevitable passage of time in “It Blooms in June.”

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Views: 21
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