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The Twelve Olympians imprisoned the Titans beneath Mount Tartarus, losing the powerful Epirus Bow. King Hyperion searches for the bow to release the Titans. Hyperion attempts to capture the virgin oracle Phaedra, to use her dreams and visions to find it. He heard that a man named Theseus will slay him.

Villagers prepare to flee Hyperion’s army, among them Theseus, a warrior trained by the Old Man, who says Theseus has been chosen by the gods. His mother Aethra was raped by Zeus, and Theseus was born, so they are “outcasts” forced to remain behind by Lysander and his Athenian soldiers.

Theseus battles them until General Helios discharges Lysander for his actions. Lysander departs and offers his service and the village’s location to Hyperion, who accepts, and maims Lysander as a traitor. Hyperion’s forces attack Theseus’ village, murdering Aethra, and capturing Theseus.

The Old Man is Zeus. He commands his fellow gods not to interfere in mortal affairs as gods. Unless the Titans are released, they must have faith in mankind’s free will to defeat Hyperion. Theseus is manacled to the thief Stavros. Phaedra, held captive nearby, sees a vision of Theseus supporting Hyperion.

Phaedra and her sisters, assaulted by Hyperion’s guards, kill them, provoking a riot. She uses the chaos to escape with Theseus, Stavros, and other slaves. They pursue Hyperion, but are overwhelmed by Hyperion’s forces when trying to seize a boat.

Poseidon, unseen by Zeus dives from Olympus into the ocean causing a tidal wave that wipes out Hyperion’s men. Afterward, Phaedra sees a vision of Theseus standing near a shrouded body. She says Theseus must return home to bury his mother, Aethra.

This done, Theseus discovers the Epirus Bow in nearby rock. He frees it, but is attacked by Hyperion’s henchman the Beast, whose armour resembles a Minotaur. Theseus kills him and uses the Bow to kill his allies’ captors before collapsing from poisoned scratches inflicted by the Beast.

Phaedra tends Theseus and falls in love with him. She begs him to take her virginity, stripping her of the visions she deems a curse and they have sex. The group returns to Phaedra’s temple. Hyperion and his forces are away at Mount Tartarus. They discover Hyperion was torturing Phaedra’s sister oracles to force them to tell where Phaedra is but they refused.

At the temple, Stavros and Theseus are lured into an ambush. The bow is seized by Hyperion’s hyena. Ares directly intervenes to save Theseus, killing the attackers. Athena then provides them with horses to reach Mount Tartarus.

Zeus suddenly descends and kills Ares for disobeying his law, he spares Athena’s life because she did not physically interfere like Ares did. Before ascending with Athena, Zeus tells Theseus that he and his allies will receive no more aid from the gods as he must justify the faith that Zeus has in him alone.

Hyperion now has the Epirus Bow. Theseus, Stavros, and Phaedra gallop to Mount Tartarus. Theseus warns King Cassander of Hyperion’s plans to destroy the kingdom’s children, make their future generations his own descendants, and release the Titans, but Cassander dismisses the gods as myth, intending to negotiate peace.

Next day, Hyperion uses the Bow to breach the city’s immense wall, killing General Helios and the wall’s defenders. Theseus rallies the Hellenic army and leads them against Hyperion’s forces, killing Lysander. Hyperion storms through, kills Cassander, and before Stavros and Theseus can stop him, uses the Epirus Bow to blast open the mountain and free the Titans. The blast stuns the mortals and Hyperion drops the Bow. Stavros takes it up, but is slain.

Zeus and the gods descend to battle the Titans, and urge Theseus to fight Hyperion. Zeus destroys the Epirus Bow with Ares’ Warhammer. The gods prove more powerful than the Titans, but are overwhelmed, and all are killed except Zeus, and Poseidon, badly wounded.

Theseus kills Hyperion, and Athena dies, begging Zeus to not abandon men. Zeus collapses Mount Tartarus on the Titans and ascends to Olympus with Athena’s body and the mortally wounded Theseus. The collapsing mountain wipes out Hyperion’s men.

Theseus’ story becomes legend. Phaedra has since given birth to Theseus’ son Acamas after being impregnated by him. The Old Man tells Acamas that he will fight against evil. Acamas sees the sky filled with Olympians and Titans, and Theseus, in battle.

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Immortals Movie 2011
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Stars: Henry Cavil, Robert Naylor, Luke Evans
  • Runtime: null

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