Cat & Dog – The Great Crossing / Chien et chat (2024 - Trailer (English Subs))

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About Cat and Dog Movie 2024

In “Cat and Dog: The Great Adventure,” Monica, the owner of the famous influencer cat Diva, and Jack, an international thief with a mischievous dog named Chichi, find themselves on an unexpected adventure when their pets go missing on the airport tarmac. Little do they know, Chichi has swallowed a stolen ruby, setting off a chain of events that will test their mettle and their friendship.

As Monica and Jack team up to find their beloved pets, they encounter a series of comedic and adventurous obstacles along the way. Racing against time, they must navigate through airport chaos, evading security guards and outsmarting a determined cop named Brandt, who is hot on their trail and desperate to recover the stolen ruby.

With the help of their resourceful pets, Diva and Chichi, voiced by Inès Reg and Artus, Monica and Jack embark on a heartwarming journey of friendship, discovery, and redemption. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about trust, loyalty, and the true meaning of family.

Starring Franck Dubosc as Jack, Reem Kherici as Monica, and Philippe Lacheau as Brandt, “Cat and Dog: The Great Adventure” is a delightful blend of adventure, comedy, and animation that will entertain audiences of all ages.

Movie Details : Cat and Dog Movie 2024

Cat and Dog Movie 2024

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Animation


  • Franck Dubosc as Jack
  • Reem Kherici as Monica
  • Philippe Lacheau as Brandt
  • Inès Reg as the voice of Diva
  • Artus as the voice of Chichi
  • Raphaëlle Fugère-Larocque as Lizzie
  • Oscar Desgagnés as Albert
  • Lenie Scoffié as Soeur Ucque
  • Martin Dansky as Concierge
  • Élisabeth Locas

Release Date: February 14, 2024

Country: France

Language: French

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Views: 15
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